My name is Nargiza Farrell. My mother introduced me to meditation and rudimentary Sun Salutations when I was pregnant with my daughter. I still remember how I felt after the first practice. I wanted to know more and practice more. Curious and open by nature, my yoga journey began. 

I moved to the U.S. in my late twenties with my daughter. In 2008, I completed my first teacher training and taught my first class in Arkansas. I completed my second training in Anusara yoga in Ohio with Todd Norian and Ann Greene in 2011. Within a year I received my Anusara-Inspired status. 

I moved to Texas in 2012 and continued to teach Anusara style yoga. It taught me how to find my authentic voice, how to speak and teach from the heart, and how to be vulnerable. I saw the benefits of Anusara in my students with chronic pain and that gave me confidence in the style.

Over the years I practiced and studied yoga every day. Although my love never ceased to grow, I couldn't help but notice various physical pains in my body. I also noticed some changes in my emotions and those changes I did not want everyone to know. I refused to admit that the pains on physical and emotional levels were caused by my practice. I was stuck until, one day, a friend of mine suggested I attend a Bowspring yoga workshop. Here, my curiosity and openness took over yet again, and I went. It was tough. At first, I resisted it. But, my body felt free and light although the practice was rather physically demanding because of a new type of alignment and level of engagement. But I was present; I was with my body and breath for the first time ever in my yoga practice. The next day I felt amazing.

Desi Springer and John Friend spoke of how Bowspring had sprung from Anusara. It has developed and adapted after Desi’s attention to nature and her own body. She noticed how animals move and how everything in nature is dynamic and non-linear. That nature has curves and spirals. Desi and John studied the bio-mechanics of nature and the human body, its wisdom and beauty. Their discovery or, rather, rediscovery of the natural curves of the human spine was going in step with the works on myofascia; its tremendous and previously underestimated power in the body.

Bowspring ’s call to be accountable for our actions and lives is near and dear to me. I was ready to hear the message- time to rewrite the story of my life and to be its hero. Time to act and be mindful about it. Time to come home and skillfully act in the world. My voice is grounded and open because I have something worthy to say and I am heard. I carry my rib cage with lightness because it carries the most precious gift of life- the heart. My physical pains are gone. I see with clarity and my step is light and buoyant. I am finding a new equilibrium between power and flexibility. I am nature- non linear but, rather, spiral and curvy. I am joyful. 

In times of uncertainty and chaos, I am more grounded and radiant.