Live with ease, balance, and vitality.

Imagine yourself walking tall and light, head held high and gaze full of radiant glow. Imagine moving through life  feeling confident, powerful, energetic, and joyful


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 You may be experiencing physical pains; perhaps, you’ve tried different styles of yoga practices and other bodywork with no real or satisfying results. You may feel tired or disappointed. Or, you may have no energy to spend time with your family or friends. Sometimes, it may feel like you are swimming against the current. At other times, your heart may be overwhelmed with fear. You may feel you jump too hastily to misguided decisions, or tend to retreat and close yourself to what comes to your life. You wonder how to find your authentic voice and purpose.

If these feelings have been yours, I invite you to join me in learning how to become accountable for your own health and life, to learn how to OPTIMALLY align your body/spine to regain vitality, and to forge a different path for yourself. 

My name is Nargiza Farrell and I began Nargiza Farrell Yoga/Bowspring because I LOVE working with people who are open and willing to take a risk, expand, and create a deeper and stronger connection to their physical and emotional health. My purpose is to guide you towards greater awareness of how to live your life in the world, with others, and yourself. I am here to show you how to skillfully tap into your inner power, to realign with nature, and how to use yoga’s powerful tools to enjoy the happy and fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.